Arnold Consulting Mail Filtering

Mail passing through our mail servers is scanned for files with unsafe file extensions (as defined by Microsoft Corporation). These files could be automatically executed by older, unpatched versions of Microsoft's mail clients: Outlook and Outlook Express. Please see the Microsoft Knowledge base article Q290497 for a list of these file extensions, and additions in Q273507 and Q311573.

Mail passing through our mail servers is scanned for viruses by Sophos Anti-Virus.

Message parts with unsafe file extensions or containing viruses, worms, or other malacious software will be replaced by text warnings. If it is necessary to transmit such files (e.g., to send a suspected virus to your anti-virus software vendor), please use another method, such as FTP, or encapsulate the files as ZIP archives or encrypt them with PGP or S/MIME for transport. Do not send them as password-protected ZIP archives.

Password-protected ZIP archives are currently responsible for the transmission of the W32/Bagle family of viruses. These messages containing password-protected ZIP archives cannot be scanned by our virus-scanning software, and so are summarily deleted without warning to the recipient or alleged sender. If you must compress a file and assure its privacy, first create a ZIP archive without a password, then use strong PGP or S/MIME encryption to send the file. [Bold text added 2 March 2004]

Clients should check the Sophos Web site for news on viruses, worms, and hoaxes before taking any action on a virus warning. (Arnold Consulting will not be responsible for damages caused by viruses and worms. Clients and correspondents should take their own defensive measures against these threats.)

Source: Sophos Anti-Virus

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