Arnold Consulting Internet Services

Arnold Consulting's principle network servers are Hewlett-Packard Company AlphaServer systems in an OpenVMS cluster. They are connected to the Internet via DS1 (T1) service from TDS Metrocom. They run:

Powered by hp AlphaServers

One or more of these servers should be available around the clock, every day of the year. Cluster uptime: unknown. (Individual servers may be off line for maintenance. Uptimes: Badger: unknown, Sable: unknown, Stoat: unknown.)

Our public World-Wide Web servers run:

If you have problems with Web service, please send mail to Webmaster@Arnold.US. Authorized persons may reconfigure this Web server here.

Powered by OSU Web Server

Our Internet mail servers are at mail.Arnold.US, and are for internal and commercial client use only. They run:

Unsolicited bulk mail is not sent from our servers. Mail relaying between unrelated third parties is blocked. Mail is scanned for viruses, worms, and other malicious files, as described here. Mail connections from the Internet address space assigned to certain countries are refused: Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Czech Republic, Chile, China, India, Korea, Nigeria, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey. (Exemptions from these blocks are available upon request. Requests should be in English, and may be emailed from an unblocked address, or faxed.) Mail connections from known spam sources are blocked. Mail content is scanned for spam.

When supported by clients and peer servers, mail in transit is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS), the Internet-standard successor to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). TLS is backwards-compatible with SSL, and is supported by mail servers and clients.

Policies on avoiding spam, child pornography, mass mail, and virus hoaxes and other chain letters, applicable to all Arnold staff and clients, may be found here. If you have problems with (SMTP) mail service, please send mail to Postmaster@Arnold.US. If you suspect abuse of our mail servers, such as unauthorized use of our return address or relaying unsolicited bulk mail, please send mail to Abuse@Arnold.US.

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